Here are some of our favorite sites
on the web...
Check out my other web site,, filled with information about my two books, "A Little Bit of Nonsense," and "Great Lakes Rhythm and Rhyme," as well as my school visits. Don't forget to check out the "Kid's Poetry" page, filled with poems written by students in my Poetry Workshops.
Check out Ken Nesbitt's wonderful web site filled with poems, poems, and more funny poems, as well as contests and much more.
A wonderful place to plug in a word and find a series of rhymes. An excellent tool for writing your own poems.
This is a web site for budding poets and poetry enthusiasts to post their poems and read other new works.
Poems, many written for a variety of holidays and occasions, that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
The Idea and Information site for making your own photobooks invites you to check out our Idea Center and read our photo book printer reviews to choose the right photobook publisher for you.
Enjoy a collection of rhyming poems, verse and "ditties" by prolific poet and web publisher Jon Bratton.

Funny First Grade Stories
Like funny stories?Want to know what REALLY goes on behind the closed classroom door? Come a little closer, and I'll give you a front row seat to true life in the first grade.  

Reading Juice
Reading Juice is a regularly updated collection of funny poems featuring memorable characters and lots of illustrations, all from the mind of Mark Megson. 

A wonderful site for finding just the right rhyme for your poems.