Funny Animal Poems

Funny animal poems are very popular. That's because all of us, city slickers, those of you out in the country, and suburbanites too, have a certain fascination with wild animals and zoo animals as well as with
our pets.

The following funny poem is from my book, A Little Bit of Nonsense. The title is "Noah's Ark." There isn't a title more animal-oriented than that!

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Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

Ancient Noah had an ark.
He filled it up by day and dark
with mammals from the local zoo.
They walked the plank up, two by two.

And also, after quite a while,
the lizard and the crocodile,
the ostrich and the spotted owl
and countless types of fancy fowl.

Too bad he also packed some worms,
some flies, some spiders and some germs,
some poison snakes and biting gnats,
(but also friendly dogs and cats).

"Hark, come aboard." He used that phrase
as people talked weird in those days.
(Though far as scholars can distinguish,
we're sure that he did not speak English.

There is one fact that I abhor:
he did not pack one dinosaur
or tiger with a saber tooth.
He plain forgot, that is the truth.

by Denise Rodgers
A Little Bit of Nonsense
Copyright© Denise Rodgers
All Rights Reserved
Art by Julie Martin

Noah's Ark Dinosaur

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