Birthday Rhymes

Is there a better way to honor a birthday than with birthday rhymes? People love them. There is something satisfying about rhythm and rhyme. And everyone loves to feel special on their birthday (even if they deny it).

So please feel free to share these birthday poems with your friends and family so long as they are for your personal use. If you'd like to include these poems on your web site or in a link, please contact me for permission.

The first funny poem is actually complimentary. This is notable, as so many poems go negative in their attempt at humor.

time flies

Born Yesterday
You weren't born yesterday.
That is a fact.
One I can tell you
without losing tact.

Each day you get older,
and now what I hear,
enough days have passed
that it's now one more year.

So here's "Happy Birthday."
That time? Gee, who took it?
It doesn't much matter
as you do not look it.

by Denise Rodgers
all rights reserved

The next birthday rhyme is also complimentary -- at least tot he birthday boy or girl (man or woman)! It still has a bit of a surprise ending to give the poem a bit of punch. Is the narrator telling it straight? Or is this a back-handed poem?

Some People
Some people age very well,
like fine wine.
Some fall apart, or get curves
in their spine.

Some lose their teeth
and are missing their hair.
Some look quite fit, I must say
it's not fair.

Some lose their mind
and just babble about,
losing their way. . .
do not know in from out.

But you are the lucky,
the fairest. It's true.
(Because it's your birthday,
I say this to you.)

by Denise Rodgers
all rights reserved

The next birthday rhyme, "Special Day," wishes the birthday "boy" or "girl" a most wonderful day, but then hits them with a little reminder at the end.

Special Day
Your birthday is a special day
when everything should go your way.
The sun should shine. The birds should sing.
Your friends should call; your phone should ring.

Your numbers, in the lottery,
should yield, at least, a shopping spree.
your boss should tell you not to work

(unless he is a loathsome jerk).

Your love will take you out to dine
and order an expensive wine.
Your life will be much bigger, bolder.
Just don't forget you're one year older.

by Denise Rodgers
all rights reserved

The following birthday rhyme is perfect for those who always try to forget their birthday each year - as if forgetting it would keep them younger. Silly!

Don't Deny It
Each person as a birthday.
So please do not deny it.
Instead it's time to celebrate.
Have fun. Oh please, just try it.
Indulge in cake and ice cream
or a little bit of wine.
Relax among your loved ones
and you'll soon be feeling fine.
Each person has a birthday.
That's a fact that's ever true.
Today's the day to celebrate:
that birthday boy (girl) in you!

by Denise Rodgers
all rights reserved

The last birthday rhyme reminds us that EVERY DAY is a birthday. For someone. Somewhere.

Every Day
Every day's a birthday
for some people on this planet.
When we're getting older
there are times we'd like to ban it.

But that would be so silly,
wrong decision, a mistake.
For if you miss your birthday,
you'll miss out on birthday cake.

And even if you skip it,
it won't matter. So I'm told,
despite the lack of cake and fun,
you'll still be growing old.

by Denise Rodgers
all rights reserved

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